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May 2015

Mon 4th   

April 2015

Wed 8th   Lady's pups - 26 days old
Sat 18th   Chucky the Husky
Tue 21st   

July 2013

Fri 19th   
Sun 21st   Vigil Fun Day
Sun 28th   

June 2013

Sat 8th   Dozer and Shyan

May 2013

Wed 8th   Sky - GSD X Husky pup

April 2013

Tue 9th   

March 2013

Sat 9th   

October 2012

Sat 6th   

September 2012

Sun 2nd   Huskies at Bedfont
Mon 10th   Echo

August 2012

Wed 22nd   Echo and Keifer

May 2012

Thu 3rd   Rocky (Malamute X GSD)
Thu 10th   
Sat 12th   Oxshott stray

April 2012

Thu 5th   Nanook - Husky pup from the pound.

January 2012

Sun 1st   GSDs, Wolfies and Malamutes - small group walk.
Tue 3rd   Keifer
Thu 5th   Tilly, Keifer, Ty and Magic at Treetops
Sun 8th   
Thu 19th   

December 2011

Sat 3rd   Molly, Storn and Lizzie
Sun 4th   Wisley. GSDs, "Wolfdogs" and a few others!
Thu 8th   Lara
Sat 10th   Kira
Sun 11th   Small group at Wisley
Sun 18th   Group walk at Ockham Common
Sun 25th   

November 2011

Wed 2nd   Husky Sonny
Thu 3rd   Rex and Scallywag
Sat 12th   Sheba and Sam
Sun 13th   Wisley Airfield
Wed 16th   Sheba, Prince & their pups
Thu 17th   Sam & Sheba (from Liverpool pound)
Sun 20th   

October 2011

Sat 8th   Husky Camp - Saturday
Sun 9th   Husky Camp - Sunday - the morning after the night before
Thu 13th   Jae (and Max)
Mon 17th   Simba and Magic

September 2011

Sat 3rd   Logan
Sun 4th   Ellie - learning to socialise
Thu 15th   Simba
Fri 23rd   Taylor
Fri 30th   

July 2011

Sun 3rd   Vigil Fun Day
Sat 16th   Molly, Buster and Bailey

June 2011

Fri 3rd   Bailey and Shadow (cat)
Sun 5th   Bailey and GSD friends
Thu 9th   Bailey and husky friends
Sat 11th   Trixie and Bailey
Sun 19th   Harmondsworth and Home

May 2011

Sat 7th   
Sat 28th   Ella
Tue 31st   Pharoh and Bailey

April 2011

Sat 2nd   Tia, Bear, Blade, Diesel, Mac, Rufus, Kaiser and Prince

March 2011

Thu 3rd   
Thu 24th   

February 2011

Sat 5th   Evie and Casey
Sat 12th   Lily

January 2011

Thu 6th   Tia and Skye
Sun 9th   Ty and Dartford pup 4!
Wed 19th   Darcy

December 2010

Wed 1st   Bailey, Ty and Angel: the snow dogs.
Thu 2nd   Ty, Sophie and Bailey
Fri 3rd   Ty and Bailey at play (in the office!)
Sat 11th   Jet, Honey and Sasha
Sun 12th   Bailey, Ty and Angel.
Thu 16th   Shaya
Tue 21st   The Dartford Pups
Wed 22nd   The Dartford Pups II
Fri 24th   Dartford Pup 5 (Zila, Xena)

November 2010

Thu 4th   Buster, Zorro, Emma and Tyse
Thu 18th   Tilly
Tue 30th   Bailey

October 2010

Mon 4th   
Thu 7th   Ty, Sadie, Max, Sheba and Rufus
Sat 16th   Skye, Storm, Sheba and Rufus
Sun 17th   Ty, Angel and Jake

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Thu 1st   

September 2010

Wed 1st   Dylan ('one of four')
Sat 4th   Ranger, Louis, Max and Sadie.
Thu 23rd   Freya and Toby (and Max)
Sat 25th   Kala, Sasha and Duke

August 2010

Sun 1st   Sadie playing with Angel

July 2010

Sat 3rd   Max and Kaiser
Sun 4th   Abandoned dog at Esher Common
Sat 24th   Max and Sadie

June 2010

Thu 3rd   Max at his scaffolding yard
Sat 5th   Max at his yard and then at Treetops
Sat 12th   Max playing with hose
Thu 17th   Anoubis and Jess
Sat 19th   Max, Jacob and Boots
Sat 26th   
Tue 29th   

May 2010

Sat 22nd   ? and Ben
Thu 27th   3-legged Jacob

April 2010

Sun 18th   Angel
Tue 20th   Angel and her new 'pack'
Wed 21st   Mitsuhn - potential new family for Angel.

March 2010

Thu 4th   ?, Ranger and Bear
Sat 20th   Diefenbaker
Fri 26th   Tiggy

February 2010

Mon 1st   Gemma
Thu 4th   Treetops: Zara. Oliver and Tia playing. ? Bear.
Sat 20th   Black Shadow and ....

January 2010

Wed 6th   Jake, Pharoh and Sophie in the snow
Sat 9th   Roxy
Thu 14th   Hobby
Tue 19th   Harvey, Roxy, Tyler
Thu 21st   Alfie, Tyson, Kayla and Casper at Birchwood Lodge
Sat 23rd   Lucy at Treetops
Tue 26th   Gemma (now Bella)
Sat 30th   Tia and Diefenbaker

December 2009

Thu 3rd   Zak, Oliver and Ted
Thu 10th   
Sat 19th   Jake at home

November 2009

Thu 5th   
Thu 12th   
Sat 14th   Diesel
Thu 19th   
Thu 26th   

October 2009

Thu 1st   Jerry Lee, Tyson, Ben and Sheba
Sat 3rd   Jake and Max
Tue 13th   Tara and Meika
Thu 22nd   
Fri 23rd   Jake and Magic
Sat 24th   
Thu 29th   
Sat 31st   

September 2009

Thu 3rd   
Sat 5th   
Fri 11th   Blue Ben and Casey (and Pharoh)
Sun 13th   
Thu 17th   

August 2009

Mon 3rd   Heathrow Boarding: Saxon and Rufus
Sat 8th   Harry and Alfie
Thu 13th   Oliver, Alfie, Harry, Khan and Sadie.
Sat 22nd   
Wed 26th   Blue Ben and Big Ben and friends.
Thu 27th   
Sat 29th   Blue Ben and Big Ben

July 2009

Wed 8th   Harry at 14WPL + Monty's departure!
Thu 9th   
Mon 13th   Harry
Sat 18th   Harry, Alfie and China
Thu 30th   

June 2009

Thu 25th   ?, ?, Portos and Chess

May 2009

Sat 2nd   Lionel, Sasha and Others
Sat 16th   
Thu 21st   
Mon 25th   Monty-Marley with Heidi
Thu 28th   

April 2009

Fri 3rd   Lionel (now Sebastian) and Hendrix
Sat 4th   
Tue 14th   Oscar meeting Sophie and Pharoh
Thu 16th   Casper
Tue 21st   
Wed 22nd   
Thu 30th   

March 2009

Sat 7th   
Thu 12th   Simba and Rosco
Sun 22nd   Lionel and Hendrix
Mon 23rd   Dylan on arrival at Treetops

February 2009

Mon 2nd   Sasha (white), Pharoh, Tia and Sophie in the snow
Fri 6th   
Sat 7th   
Tue 10th   
Thu 12th   
Sat 21st   
Thu 26th   

January 2009

Sun 11th   White Sasha
Thu 15th   
Sat 17th   
Sat 24th   
Sat 31st   

December 2008

Thu 4th   
Wed 31st   

November 2008

Thu 13th   
Thu 20th   
Fri 21st   
Sat 22nd   
Thu 27th   Benny, Rooney and others

October 2008

Thu 2nd   
Fri 3rd   
Sun 5th   
Thu 9th   
Sat 18th   
Wed 22nd   
Sat 25th   
Wed 29th   Duke and Pharoh
Thu 30th   Duke

September 2008

Thu 4th   
Sat 13th   Surrey Pet Supplies Fun Day
Sat 20th   ... and Wolfie
Thu 25th   
Sat 27th   

August 2008

Sat 2nd   Little pups, Digby and ?
Thu 14th   Digby and the Rottie stray
Sat 16th   Pharoh and Digby
Sat 30th   Scooby, Chad, Flash, Keisha

June 2008

Fri 6th   Dash on arrival
Sat 7th   Dash first full day
Sun 8th   
Wed 11th   Dash re-united
Sat 14th   
Wed 18th   

March 2008

Fri 7th   Pharoh and Heidi

December 2007

Sat 8th   Collecting at Surrey Pet Supplies
Sat 15th   Cats! Shadow and Mallory ... and Tia

November 2007

Thu 22nd   Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

September 2007

Sat 15th   Sophie's arrival from Ireland (with Kayleen)
Tue 18th   Sophie and Pharoh
Tue 25th   Pharoh and Sophie

July 2007

Wed 11th   Lucy and Soother transfer to Mutts in Distress