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September 2010

Sat 18th   

May 2010

Sun 16th   Elstead [BIGGSD]

March 2010

Sun 7th   

February 2010

Sun 28th   

January 2010

Fri 1st   
Sun 3rd   Epsom [BIGGSD]
Sat 9th   
Sun 24th   
Fri 29th   

December 2009

Sun 6th   
Sun 13th   
Sun 27th   

November 2009

Sun 15th   Harmondsworth
Sun 22nd   
Sun 29th   Newlands Corner [BIGGSD]

October 2009

Sun 4th   Ockham [BIGGSD]
Sun 25th   Mogador/Tadworth [BIGGSD]

September 2009

Sun 6th   Cherstsey Meads [BIGGSD]
Sun 27th   Epsom Racecourse [BIGGSD]

August 2009

Sun 16th   Elstead [BIGGSD]

July 2009

Sun 5th   Chertsey Meads

May 2009

Sun 10th   Elstead [BIGGSD]
Sun 24th   
Sun 24th   

March 2009

Sun 8th   Ockham Common

January 2009

Wed 21st   Chertsey Meads

December 2008

Wed 3rd   Mid-week Mytchett Walk
Sun 14th   Mytchett, Camberley
Sun 21st   New Walk - photos to be entered soon!

November 2008

Sun 2nd   Elstead/Thursley
Sun 9th   Mytchett, Camberley
Sun 16th   Epsom Racecourse
Wed 19th   Mid-week Mytchett Walk
Thu 20th   
Sun 23rd   Chertsey Meads - cold, wet, windy!
Wed 26th   Mid-week Mytchett Walk
Sun 30th   Ockham Common

October 2008

Wed 1st   Dilbert and Sophie - Esher Common
Sat 4th   Butts Brow, Eastbourne [BIGGSD]
Sun 5th   Ockham [BIGGSD]
Sat 11th   Esher Common - with Raffles the pup
Sun 12th   Epsom Racecourse [BIGGSD]
Sun 19th   Mytchett, Camberley [BIGGSD]
Sun 26th   Ockham Common [BIGGSD]
Sun 26th   Chertsey Meads [BIGGSD]

September 2008

Sun 14th   Chertsey Meads [BIGGSD]
Sun 21st   Mytchett, Camberley [BIGGSD]
Sun 28th   Newlands Corner [BIGGSD]

August 2008

Sun 3rd   Elstead Common [BIGGSD]
Tue 5th   Chertsey Meads with Bella
Sun 17th   Ockham Common [BIGGSD] - the Scooby Walk
Tue 19th   Chertsey Meads + photos of Jade with Boomer and Digby
Sun 31st   Harmondsworth [BIGGSD]

July 2008

Sun 13th   Newlands Corner [BIGGSD]
Sun 27th   Ockham/Wisley [BIGGSD]
Thu 31st   West End Common with Hattie

June 2008

Sun 1st   Newlands Corner [BIGGSD]
Sat 7th   Esher Common - featuring Dash the foster pup!
Sun 8th   Hersham/Molesey - by the river Mole
Sun 15th   Chertsey Meads [BIGGSD]
Sun 22nd   Harmondsworth - unofficial Biggsd walk
Sun 29th   Ockham/Wisley [BIGGSD]

May 2008

Sun 4th   Chertsey Meads - alternative Biggsd walk
Sun 11th   Harmondsworth - alternative Biggsd walk
Sun 18th   Ockham/Wisley [BIGGSD]
Sat 24th   Fairmile Common - with Kimber (foster)

April 2008

Sun 27th   Chertsey Meads

March 2008

Sun 9th   BIGGSD's 100th Walk

February 2008

Sat 9th   Harmondsworth

January 2008

Sun 6th   Ockham Common [BIGGSD]
Tue 8th   Pharoh, Tia and Sophie on Molesey Heath
Wed 9th   Molesey Common - Jake is back with us!
Wed 16th   Esher Common - our last walk with Jake

December 2007

Sun 16th   Harmondsworth [BIGGSD]
Wed 19th   West End Common
Thu 20th   Esher Common
Sun 23rd   Chertsey Meads [BIGGSD]
Wed 26th   Newlands Corner [BIGGSD]

November 2007

Sun 4th   Elstead
Mon 12th   West End Common - West side (not Biggsd)
Sat 17th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Tue 20th   Hersham - by the Mole (not Biggsd)
Tue 27th   Hersham - by the Mole (not Biggsd)
Fri 30th   West End Common (not Biggsd)

October 2007

Sun 7th   Harmondsworth
Tue 16th   Esher Common (not Biggsd)
Sun 21st   Harmondsworth
Wed 24th   Esher Common (not Biggsd)

September 2007

Sat 1st   Newlands Corner
Sun 2nd   Chertsey Meads
Sun 16th   Black Park
Mon 17th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Wed 19th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Wed 26th   Esher Common (not Biggsd)
Thu 27th   Esher Common (not Biggsd)
Sun 30th   Chertsey Meads

August 2007

Sun 12th   Local (not Biggsd)
Sat 18th   Dinton Pastures Country Park

July 2007

Sun 1st   Chertsey Meads
Sat 7th   Newlands Corner
Sun 8th   Harmondsworth
Sat 14th   Harmondsworth
Thu 19th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Fri 20th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Sun 22nd   Harmondsworth

June 2007

Sun 17th   Ockham/Wisley Common
Sun 24th   West End Common (not Biggsd)
Fri 29th   West End Common (not Biggsd)

May 2007

Sat 5th   Elstead Heath
Sun 6th   River Mole/local (not Biggsd)
Sun 20th   Newlands Corner

April 2007

Sun 15th   Elstead Heath
Sun 22nd   Chertsey Meads
Sun 29th   Harmondsworth

March 2007

Sun 4th   Chertsey Meads
Sun 18th   Newlands Corner
Sun 25th   Epsom Downs

February 2007

Sun 18th   Newlands Corner